Approve a Submittal

You can approve a submittal to indicate that you have reviewed the contents and approve it for the project. This is the fourth step in the submittal process.

If you are an additional approver for the submittal, only the Comment field appears.
Note: The names of the fields, actions, and states for submittals may be different in your instance of Viewpoint Team, because they can be customized by the system administrator. For example, your organization might use "Grant" instead of "Issue". In this case, you would click the Grant button to send the submittal to the submitter and the state would change from Draft to Granted.
  1. From the home page, click on the Submittal assigned to you.
    The Submittal page appears.
  2. Click the Approve button.
    The Approve window appears.
  3. In the Response field, select a status code, or type in a new status code and click New Status Code.
  4. In the Reviewer field, the person assigned to review the submittal is displayed. If needed, select a different reviewer.
    Note: Enter the first few letters of the contact's name to filter the list.
  5. (Optional) In the Additional Reviewers field, you can select additional reviewers for the submittal. Additional reviewers can respond to the submittal but cannot change the state of the submittal.
  6. In the Comment field, enter any comments or notes about your approval.
  7. (Optional) Click Add attachment to attach one or more files to the submittal.
    1. Browse to the files you want to attach and select them.
    2. Click Open.
  8. The Notify Recipients check box is selected by default. If you do not wish to send email notifications to all the indicated recipients, you can clear this check box.
  9. Click Send.
The submittal is sent to the reviewer for release and the ball-in-court status is updated.