Create a Submittal Bundle

Prior to sending your Submittal out for review, you can bundle your submittal. Bundling creates an official single PDF of your submittal and all corresponding attachments and comments.

Before you create a submittal bundle, you may want to add attachments and comments.
  1. From the home page, click on the Submittal assigned to you.
    The Submittal page appears.
  2. Select Create Bundle.
    The Print Options window will display.
  3. Use the Include Cover Sheet, Include Attachments, Include Comments, and Include History check boxes to configure your bundling and printing options.
  4. Once you're finished, select Create Bundle.
    Note: Created bundles will be stored under the Submittal Bundle section.
  5. To download your submittal bundle, select the download icon .
Your Submittal bundle is now created and will be downloaded as a PDF document.