Submittal Import Format

The Excel file used for importing submittals must have a specific format for the import to work.

Note: For a download-able import template, click here. For more information about importing submittals, see Import Submittals.
If you choose to use your own Excel file, it must be less than 50 KB and limited to a maximum of 1,000 submittal items.
Tip: Ensure that your cursor is in a cell with data when you save the Excel file.
The Excel files should contain one sheet with the following columns:
  • Number
  • Title
  • Description
  • IssueDueDate
  • SubmitterDueDate
  • ReviewerDueDate
  • ApproverDueDate
  • DueOnSiteDate
  • LeadDays
  • Notes
Note: If you have customized labels for submittals, you should still use the column names above.

If you are using automatic numbering for submittals, the submittal number is based on the auto-number settings.