Project Settings for Distribution Groups

You can create a distribution group if you want to assign work items or send notifications to a group of contacts instead of an individual contact.

Once you have a created a distribution group, you can select that group anywhere you would normally select a contact. Groups are indicated with the group icon in the contact search window.

When a distribution group is assigned to a work item, any member of that group can take action on the work item to change the ball-in-court for that work item.

About Vista integration

When creating a group, if your instance of Team is integrated with Vista, select a primary contact to represent the group in Vista. If you do not select a primary contact for a group, and that group is used on a work item, in Vista, the corresponding contact field for that work item will be blank.

About nested groups

If necessary, you can nest one group within another group. Contacts included in more than one group assigned to a work item will not receive any additional notifications from Team as a result of being in nested groups.

About permissions

Note that you cannot assign project permissions to a group, only to individual contacts when you assign project roles for each contact. For this reason, adding a contact to a group does not change the permissions for that contact.