Project Settings for Submittals

You can set a number of defaults for submittals in the project settings. Setting defaults can save you time when you create new submittals.

You can set default a reviewer and approver for submittals for a project. You can also set the default number of days for submitting, reviewing, and approving a submittal for a project. If a default reviewer for submittals is not set on a project, submitters can only select a project editor as the reviewer for a submittal. Otherwise, you can override these default values on individual submittals when needed.

The defaults can be overridden on individual submittals. You can set the following:
  • Automatically number submittals based on project number, project number and submittal type, or project number and spec section.
  • Set default contacts to review and approve submittals.
  • Set the default number of days to submit, review, and approve a submittal.