What's New for Users

All users benefit from the following enhancements that make it easier to get the project information they need.

Enhanced Performance

This release includes continued platform work to improve log-in, invitation, state change, and send speed.

Related Issues & RFIs

Cross-feature functionality now gives you the ability to create RFI, Submittal and Issue records related to existing RFIs or Issues. On the RFIs or Issues tabs, click the Add Related button , and select the appropriate record type (Submittal, RFI or Issue) to associate with the RFI or Issue.

Further Vista Integration

This release includes the sharing of information between the office, team and field, so that all parties are working from the same data. New integration records data from Viewpoint Team™ Submittals, RFIs and Issues in Vista™, in near real-time (future project management features will follow suit). This new and deeper integration facilitates:
  • Seamless workflow – An RFI created in the field can become related to a Change Order executed in the office.
  • Continuity – Support company specific Vista processes with Viewpoint Team™ data.
  • Reporting – Utilize Viewpoint Team™ data in Vista’s standard or custom reports and queries.
  • Archive Activity – Keep a record of project actions in Vista.
  • Vista Users – Office based staff can access Viewpoint Team™ data in the software they’re most comfortable in–Vista.

Search for Views

You can now search for an existing view to filter on a particular, predefined results layout. Once you select the drop-down next to the Save button and enter a keyword(s) in the Search field and select your preferred view.

Set a View as Public or Private

You can now set a view you have created to public (to share it) or private (for personal use). Select the drop-down next to the Save button and enter a keyword(s) in the Search field. Click next to the view you would like to set as public or private and select Set as Public or Set as Public.