What's New in 2017-R11

What's New is an overview of the new features in Viewpoint Team™ 2017-R11 release.

See What's New for Administrators for admin-specific enhancements.

The eleventh release for 2017 delivers new project-level dashboards, a PDF document viewer and the ability to reopen closed items and edit items without reopening. Mobile enhancements include forward, CC and add photos/videos to existing RFIs. New integration between Viewpoint MEP Estimating and Viewpoint Team enables the seamless handover from the estimating team to project management after a project’s won.

Project-Level Dashboard

New dashboards specific to individual projects. Especially useful for team members assigned to multiple projects, it lets users drill-down and isolate information by project. New widgets—surfacing site information and a searchable list of project contacts— augment action item assigned to the user. Additional widgets and reporting capabilities will be added in future releases.

PDF Document Viewer

A built-in PDF viewer which displays annotations made by non-Viewpoint markup software. Future releases will add a markup toolset and other drawing management capabilities.

Reopen Closed Items

In lieu of a revision, Project Editors can reopen closed Submittals, RFIs and Issue to any state, allowing collaborative partners to make corrections or add missing attachments.

Click the More button in the upper right corner of any closed submittal, RFI, or issue, and select to Reopen it.

The work item thereafter appears in the selected reopened state and the appropriate team members are notified of the reopened work item.

Edit Closed Items

Project Editors can edit closed-state Submittals, RFIs and Issues without reopening them. From correcting spelling mistakes to adding attachments, the history log will record the edit, though notifications won’t be dispatched.

Mobile Enhancements

Enhancements to the RFI feature on Team’s mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows phones/tablets:
  • Take or add photo from device gallery to an existing RFI
  • Forward an RFI to another team member
  • CC a project team member on an RFI workflow

Related Submittals, RFIs & Issues

Cross-feature functionality provides the ability to create RFI, Submittal and Issue records related to existing submittals.

On the RFIs or Issues tabs, click the Add Related button , and select the appropriate record type (Submittal, RFI or Issue) to associate with the RFI or Issue.