What's New in 2017-R12

What's New is an overview of the new features in Viewpoint Team™ 2017-R12 release.

See What's New for Administrators for admin-specific enhancements.

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The twelfth release for 2017 is heavily focused on delivering user-requested enhancements. Highlights include print-ready summary forms, upgraded dashboards, the ability to relate existing items, respond to submittals without creating a revision, as well as links to share folders and integration with Viewpoint MEP Estimating.

PDF Forms

A print ready summary sheet for Submittals, RFIs and Issues. Submittal cover sheets can be can printed and stamped.

Upgraded Dashboard Controls

  • Filter & Sort – New controls allow the user to filter items so that only Submittals, RFIs or Issues are displayed. Sort controls allow items to be ordered by due-date, overdue status, coming due or by project.
  • Improved Visualization – The Project panel’s data visualizations have been simplified and can be collapsed.

Relate Existing Items

Create links between existing items. Efficiently move from one process to another—for example, an Issue that evolves into an RFI—and gain complete transparency as to who did what and when through the entirety of the process.

Respond to Submittals without Creating a Revision

Previously a Submittal’s reviewer had two options, Approve or Reject. A third option, Respond, sends the Submittal back downstream without creating a revision. After adding information or making edits, a revision free Submittal is advanced upstream.

Share Folder Links

Especially useful for deep-folder hierarchies. Folder URLs send users directly to the folder’s location (as long as security permission allow).

Mobile App Enhancements

Post comments and view an RFI’s activity history from a mobile device.

Submittal Import Template

A reusable Excel template for the importation of Submittals in bulk. Click Here for a download-able template or Import Submittals to learn more about importing submittals.

Estimation Integration

For seamless handover from the estimating team to project management. New integration with Viewpoint MEP Estimating automates the export of bid documentation—estimate, drawings, specifications, scope, submittals etc.—into Viewpoint Team’s Document repository.