What's New in 2017-R3

What's New is an overview of the new features in Viewpoint Team™ 2017-R3 release.

Team Documents for Collaboration

You can now upload, view, and download project documents in Viewpoint Team™, allowing you to share documents and collaborate with the project team.

  • You can create document folders to organize the project information in a way that makes sense to you.
  • Project collaborators can add and view comments on individual documents. Project reviewers can view the comments.
  • The activity history is maintained for each document, creating an audit trail. The history is maintained, even if the document is deleted.

Submittal Notifications

You can now specify when email notifications are sent to individuals for work on submittals coming due or overdue. Notifications are set for each project.

Sync Data from Vista

You can now sync project data with Vista whenever you need to. Document types and status codes are updated when you sync.

Delete a Project

You can now delete a project from Viewpoint Team™. When you delete a project, all of its work items, like submittals and documents are also deleted. Deleting a project fromViewpoint Team™ does not delete the project from Vista. You must have Project Editor access to be able to delete a project.