What's New in 2017-R5

What's New is an overview of the new features in Viewpoint Team™ 2017-R5 release.

Requests for Information

You can now create and manage Request for Information (RFI) documents in Viewpoint Team™. Any contact on the project can create an RFI to get more information about the project. You can:
  • Add attachments
  • References to spec sections and drawings
  • Assess the impact to cost and schedule
  • Add comments
  • Copy additional team members to keep them informed

The RFI process allows you to communicate back and forth until you agree on an answer. You can also revise an RFI or create a new, related RFI.

Document Collaboration Version Support

You can now upload a newer version of a document with the same name to Viewpoint Team™. Each version of the document is given a version number. You can access each version of the document.