What's New for Project Editors / Project Admins

Project editors and project admins can use the following enhancements to better manage projects and their information.

Reminder Notification Settings

You can now set reminder notifications for the entire project. You control when individuals receive email notifications about their assigned work that is coming due or overdue.

Control RFI Visibility

All RFIs are now private by default and visible only to the people on them. A Project Editor can make an RFI public so all members of the team can see the RFI, ensuring that the team only sees necessary RFIs.

Default RFI Type

You can now set the default RFI type for RFIs created by collaborators. This can help your collaborators select the RFI type you want them to use.

Additional Project Classifications

When you add a new project or edit an existing one, you can now select the business unit and project type to classify the project. The business unit and project type come from the new enterprise settings available to the administrator.

Messaging Improvements

Messaging within Viewpoint Team™ is improved with additional banner types, so you can easily determine the importance of the message.
  • Informational messages for all users appear with a blue border.
  • Scheduled maintenance messages for all users appear with a yellow/orange border.