What's New for Users

The enhancements to submittals, RFIs, and documents help users get the information they need more quickly and improve usability.

Add Additional Approvers to Submittals

You can now send a submittal to additional people for approval. Each additional approver can review the submittal and its attachments, make comments, and indicate whether they approve the submittal. The primary approver is ultimately responsible for approving or rejecting the submittal.

You can see the status of the additional approvals. A green check mark next to an additional approver's name indicates they approved the submittal. A red X indicated they rejected the submittal.

You can add the Additional Approvers column to the list of submittals, allowing you to see the additional approvers for all the submittals on the project.

Copy Additional People on Submittals and RFIs

You can now copy (CC) additional people on submittals and RFIs, allowing you to include teammates who need to know the information. A person who is CC'd on a submittal or RFI can view the submittal or RFI, add attachments, and receives notifications.

Respond to an RFI from Your Email

You can now reply to an RFI email notification directly from your email to respond to an RFI. If you attach a document to the email, it is attached to the RFI in Viewpoint Team™. You must log in to Viewpoint Team™ to complete all other RFI actions.

Messaging Improvements

Messaging within Viewpoint Team™ is improved with additional banner types, so you can easily determine the importance of the message.
  • Informational messages for all users appear with a blue border.
  • Scheduled maintenance messages for all users appear with a yellow/orange border.

Additional Enhancements

  • If a default reviewer for submittals is not set on a project, submitters can only select a project editor as the reviewer for a submittal.
  • You can now print individual submittals and RFIs to create a paper copy of what appears on screen.
  • As a collaborator, you can now add attachments while creating RFIs, allowing you to create and send an RFI in one step.
  • The Ball-in-Court column now appears in the list of RFIs allowing you to quickly determine who is currently assigned to each RFI.
  • You can now see the priority of an RFI when you open the RFI details. The Priority column now appears in the list of RFIs.
  • When you upload a document to a folder, the Upload Document window now appears immediately after you click the Upload button, reducing the number of clicks needed to upload a document.
  • A Comments indicator () now appears next to a document name in the folder view when there are comments on the document.
  • Empty folders now show instructions for uploading documents, letting you know how to take the next step.