What's New for Project Editors / Project Admins

Copy the Document Folder Structure from an Existing Project

You can now copy the document folder structure from an existing project to a new project, making project set up easier. You can only copy folders to a project if no folders have been created. All folders from the selected project are copied. The documents, history, and security are not copied.

Automatically Number Submittals for a Project

You can now configure project settings to have submittals automatically numbered based on project number, project number and submittal type, or project number and spec section. Using this setting ensures submittal numbers are consistent within a project and, if you have the numbers generated the same way for every project, across projects.

Add a Contact on the Fly in a Folder

You can now add a new contact on the fly when you add or edit a document folder, if the contact you want does not exist in Viewpoint Team™.

Control Submittal Visibility

All submittals are now private by default and visible only to the people on them. A Project Editor can make a submittal public so all members of the team can see the submittal, ensuring that the team only sees necessary submittals.

Mark an RFI Answered

As a Project Editor, you can now mark an RFI as answered at any stage of the RFI process. If you are marking a single RFI as answered, complete the Mark as Answered window to notify the person who created the RFI and click Send.