What's New for Users

Users can use the following enhancements to get the project information they need quickly.


Use issues to capture, monitor, and mitigate project risk. Observations that might impact project scope of carry general risk can be logged as issues and assigned to team members. Issues are tracked until they’re either closed out or evolve into an RFI or change order.

Any member of the project team can create an issue. The Responsible Party assigns a member of the project team who becomes accountable, then monitors the issue until it’s ultimately closed.

Issues may contain detailed supporting information, including attachments, descriptions, plan/spec references, as well as rough estimate of cost, priority indicators, and more.

In addition to the issue register for sorting and filtering issues, you’re able to designate public/private, CC interested parties, add comments, create revisions, and more.

Move Documents and Folders in Bulk

Multiple folders and documents can be selected and moved in bulk. Once moved, the folders/documents inherit the new parent folder’s security settings, and the history tab retains information on their origin.

Attachments Preview

Save time by viewing the file names of RFI, submittal, and issue attachments within the register view. Click on a file name to open that attachment in a new browser tab or window without clicking through the details page.

Updated Branding

Viewpoint Team™ is updated with a new look and feel throughout the application, including the log in page. Buttons, fonts, and colors are updated for a sleeker appearance. The new Viewpoint logo appears throughout the application.

Additional Enhancements - Submittals, RFIs, and Issues

  • You can now issue a submittal immediately when you create it. Click the Issue button on the New Submittal Item window.
  • The Submittal Detail page and the RFI Detail page have been streamlined to make them easier to read and to determine the current state of the submittal or RFI.
  • When you perform actions on multiple RFIs, the recipient now receives a single notification email listing the affected RFIs or a link to RFIs in Viewpoint Team™, if they are too many to list.
  • You can now make columns very small, allowing you to make more columns visible on the screen. The lists of RFIs, submittals, and issues are all affected.
  • The Cost description and Schedule description fields for RFIs and issues have been increased to 60 characters.
  • You now can reset the list of RFIs, submittals, or issues to clear the changes you have made to the list. When you clear the grid settings, the sort order, visible columns, and column widths are reset to the defaults.
  • When you add or edit an RFI or issue, the Priority option selected now displays in a corresponding color (high - red, medium - yellow, or low - green), giving you and extra visual indicator of your selection.

Additional Enhancements - Documents

  • Team members now receive an email notification with they are added to a folder.
  • When you copy the folder structure to a new project, the folder structure of the project to copy now appears in a tree view that you can expand in the Import Folder Structure window.
  • You can now make columns in a document folder very small, allowing you to make more columns visible on the screen.
  • The Edit, Move, and Delete actions in document folders are now on available from the More button .

Additional Enhancements - General

  • Performance enhancements to load times speeds navigation between screens.
  • You can now update your email address that you use to log in to Viewpoint Team™.
  • The format for date fields is now specific to your location. For example, if you are in the UK, enter dates in the format DD/MM/YYYY. In the US, enter dates in the format MM/DD/YYYY.