What's New for Project Editors / Project Admins

Project editors and project admins can use the following enhancements to better manage projects and their information.

Public Folders

Create folders that are visible for all project users. While new folder creation defaults to Private, you can change the visibility to Public so all project team members can see and access that folder, its sub-folders, and their contents. Public folders are indicated by the icon.

Addition of Field View Properties to General Settings

Administrative Project Settings have been enhanced with an Additional Information section to include more project-level properties (matching those in Viewpoint Field View™) so that work is seamless across Viewpoint products. This Additional Information section allow you to enter information into the following optional fields:

  • Start Date - start date for the project.
  • End Date - end date for the project.
  • Project CC Email - lays groundwork future functionality; stay tuned!
  • Client Project Reference - project- or job-reference for easy reference (50-character max.).
  • Status - project status (Pending, Open, Soft Close, Hard Close).
  • Time Zone - the time zone for the project.
  • Region - the geographical location for the project (United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand).
  • Note - for any notes particular to the project.