What's New for Users

All users benefit from the following enhancements that make it easier to get the project information they need.

Save Grid/List Settings

You can now save your customized grid settings to access again later. These saved "views" allow you to quickly and easily change your view of the lists of submittals, RFIs, and issues to show the information you need when you need it.

You customize the information you see by selecting the columns to show, setting the column order, and adding filters and then save the view. You can select whether to make the view private, just for you, or public for anyone. Project managers can make public views according to role, to help guide people to the information they need.

Save time by setting the view you use the most to be the default view for the tab. Views are available across projects, so once you create the view you want, you can use it over and over again.

Create and Manage Views

The new ability to create and manage views allows you to customize what users see so that they view information most relevant to their role. You can create views according to role by customizing columns and saving the view.

During view-creation, you can name the new view, specify whether the view is public or private, and whether it should be the default view. Once the view is created, it appears in the saved-views drop-down list next to the icon in the toolbar. You may then perform the following functions related to views you have created, under the icon: Save View, Save View As, Rename View, Set View as Default, and Delete View.

Easier Navigation

The navigation for submittals, RFIs, and issues has been simplified making it easier use. On the left, see the name of the current view and the filters applied. You can select the view for the list and manage all of your views. On the right, access all the other functionality for the tab using the new buttons.

Button Description
Click to save the current view of the list of submittals, RFIs, or issues. Click the drop-down arrow next to view name to select a view for the list.
Click to create a new submittal, RFI, or issue, depending what tab you are on.
Click to edit the selected submittals, RFIs, or issues.
Formerly the Actions menu. Select the check box for the submittals, RFIs, or issues and click to select an action such as Issue, Submit, Send for Review, Approve, Make Public, or Make Private. The actions available depend on the tab.
Click to manage filters for the list of submittals, RFIs, or issues.
Click to access grid setting options that allow you to control the list of submittals, RFIs, and issues. You can control the columns displayed and their order, then you can save the configuration to use it again later. You can even share the configuration with others.
Click to print the list of submittals, RFIs, or issues.
Click to access additional options, such as Export or Import where available.

Create a Related RFI from an Issue

Issues capture and monitor project risk. They’re assigned to a team member and tracked until resolved. If a particular issue requires input from upstream members of the extended project team, you can create an RFI related to the issue from the issue detail page. Once you create a related RFI and issue, you can view and access the items from the other.

Additional Enhancements

  • You can now see an icon for the file type for attachments when you view a submittal, RFI, or issue, making it easier to identify files.
  • You can now see an icon for the file type when you view the documents in a folder, making it easier to identify files.
  • You can now see who has downloaded a document by viewing the full history for the document.
  • Performance enhancements improve the login speed, register load time, and navigation between features.
  • If you are project editor or the responsible party, you can now mark an issue complete and close it in a single step.
  • When you respond to an RFI, the Response field is now required.