What's New in 2018-R10

The tenth release for 2018 delivers the ability to export project documents at closeout as well as an expanded set of system user roles. Team Drawings gains the ability to compare sheet revisions as well as mobile enhancements. Project level logos and mobile filtering for RFIs and Submittals round out the release.

Project closeout

An initial release. Easily export project documents, comments and history for sharing or for archiving on your corporate network. Future development will focus on incorporating handover capabilities for the owner or client.

For instructions on exporting project files, see Export Project Files.

New system user roles

Select from an expanded set of six new roles when adding users to a project. Roles govern user access and permissions and are configured to mirror the scope of the duties and responsibilities of the role. New roles include Project Manager, Project Engineer, Subcontractor, Architect, Superintendent and Owner. Controls allow you to configure view/create permissions for RFIs and Issues by type.

For a description of each role, see Project Roles. For instructions on configuring roles based on RFI type, see Set RFI Defaults for a Project. For instructions on configuring roles based on Issue type, see Set Issue Defaults for a Project.

Compare drawing sheet revisions

Overlay two revisions of the same sheet in the web to compare differences. Sheet overlays are color coded to easily identify what was added and removed.

For instructions on comparing drawing revisions, see Compare Drawing Revisions or Sheets.

Project level logos

Override enterprise logos with project level logos that appear across the web and mobile app, as well as in outputs such as printed coversheets and Excel exports.

For instructions on adding a project logo, see Edit Project Details.

Mobile Drawing enhancements

  • Collapse drawing sets for easier viewing and less scrolling.
  • Disciplines are displayed in the order in which they were configured in the web.
  • Share drawing files.

Mobile Enhancements

Contact and user visibility

Contacts are now only visible to the enterprise to which they’ve been added. Team users can still be located by searching for their complete email address. Functions that search for Vista or Spectrum users remain unchanged.

Release Availability Schedule

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