What's New in 2018-R11

The eleventh release of 2018 delivers drawing revisions for mobile and simple stamps for the web. Improvements to the comments feature and the ability to export data from Daily Logs are included in addition to fixes and stability improvements.​

Drawing revisions for mobile

Access to sheet history with the ability to view previous revisions of a drawing from the jobsite, on a phone or tablet.

For details, see View a Previous Revision of a Drawing in Team Mobile.

Simple stamps

Upload a stamp file from your local machine to stamp documents in the viewer.

For details, see Mark up a Document or Drawing.

Comment impovements

  • Comment response via email – Replies to email notifications are logged as comments. This ensures that a complete record of correspondence is captured and made visible to the extended project team.
  • State changes – Changes to the state of an RFI, Submittal, or Issue are posted to the comments thread in order to provide a more complete picture of project correspondence.
  • Edit/delete comments – Project Editors can edit or delete any comment. System users can edit or delete their own.

    See Edit or Delete a Comment on a Work Item.

Daily Log export

Export work and equipment hours by date range for sharing or to feed third party systems.

For details, see Export Work and Equipment Logs.

Release Availability Schedule

Click Release Availability Schedule to view the availability schedule for this release.