Whats New in 2018-R4

The fourth release for 2018 brings Daily Logs and Documents to mobile. Other enhancements to Daily Logs web, the ability to print attachments, and customer suggestions round out the release.

Mobile Daily Logs

Capture a complete record of everything that occurred on the jobsite from an iOS, Android or Windows phone or tablet. Daily Logs can be assigned to crews and Subcontractors via the web app. Key mobile features include:

  • Automated weather capture
  • Work, Equipment, and Call logs
  • Accident, Delivery, and Visitor capture
  • Note Issues, Concerns and Quality/Safety Observations
  • Capture and attach Progress Photos
  • Flag day as "No Work Done"

For details, see Post a Daily Log with Mobile Viewpoint Team.

Mobile Documents

Access document from a mobile device in the field or on-the-go. Smooth transition when zooming and panning large drawings. Fast document loading and rendering.

  • Navigate private/public folders
  • View images and PDF natively
  • See markups made in the web
  • Recently opened documents cache for fast offline access

For details, see View a Document with Team Mobile.

Daily Logs Web Enhancements

The following enhancements are intended to improve ease-of-use:

  • Print logs, one or multiple
  • Delete logs
  • "No work done" days flagged in the calendar view
  • Drag and drop attachments into the log
  • Add logs from the calendar view
  • Save all, instead of individual sections of the log

For details on Daily Logs, see Daily Logs.

Print Attachments

Printing an item now combines all attachments with the generated cover sheet.

Additional Enhancements

  • Homepage sort and favorites – Projects sorted in alphabetical order. ‘Favorite’ a project to pin it to the top.
  • Cover sheets – Print templates have been revised to provide more space to capture long responses in their entirety.
  • Response codes – Response codes selected as part of an approval or rejection carry over so they don’t have be re-selected at closeout.
  • Reference field – A new field to "reference" multiple buildings/phases and more on complex projects.

Spectrum Integration

Viewpoint Team Project Management now integrates out-of-the-box with Spectrum, a Viewpoint Accounting ERP.

For details on Spectrum integration, see About Spectrum Integration.