What's New in 2018-R5

The fifth release for 2018 adds an operational reporting widget that displays Vista and Spectrum Job Cost data in Team for Viewpoint Enterprise Cloud (VEC) customers. Additional capabilities include multiple RFI approvers, Daily Logs enhancements, attachment versioning, controls for managing views, the ability to deactivate tools from the menu bar, and deeper Spectrum integration.

Vista and Spectrum Job Cost data in Team

Viewpoint Team’s vision is a single place for Project Managers to access their PM information and tools. Contract Summary at Completion is the first in a series of operational reporting widgets that display Vista and Spectrum job cost data within the Team platform. Updated twice daily, the widget shows Estimated Cost, Estimated Profit and Estimated Margin versus the original contract value estimate. Currently available to Enterprise Admins running Vista and Spectrum in Viewpoint Enterprise Cloud only.

For details, see View Contract Summary at Completion and Profit Fade/Gain.

Multiple RFI Responders

While a single person still retains ultimate approval power, multiple additional responders can be added to an RFI workflow.

For details, see Add Additional Responders to an RFI.

Daily Logs Enhancements

Add Daily Logs for past days. Additionally, Daily Logs history provides an audit trail of who did what and when.

For details, see View History for a Daily Log.

Attachment Versioning

Edit files names and upload new versions of Submittal, RFI and Issue attachments.

For details, see Attachments.

View Management

Halt the proliferation of saved views. A new menu lets Project Editors control views at a project level. Ability to deploy views across projects is restricted to Enterprise Admins.

For details on project settings, see Project Settings for Views. For details on enterprise settings, see Manage Views.

Deactivate Tools from the Menu Bar

Enterprise admins can turn off access to tools at an enterprise or project level. Deactivating a tool removes it from the project menu.

For details, see Activate or Deactivate Tools for the Enterprise or Activate or Deactivate Tools for a Project.

Show/Hide Markups

Users can remove clutter from mark-ups when viewing documents.

For details, see Show or Hide Markups.

New Spectrum Integration

Deeper integration replicates projects created in Viewpoint Team within Spectrum so the need for double entry is eliminated.