What's New in 2018-R6

The sixth release for 2018 improves the mobile app’s usability and enables document upload from a device. Additional enhancements include attachment markup for the web, improvements for managing the fluid Submittal process, a new project risk assessment capability and back/forward controls to more easily scroll through items.

Mobile app enhancements

With Daily Logs and Documents having been added to the mobile app alongside RFIs, this release focuses on functionality to improve ease-of-use and user experience.
  • Navigation – Footer tabs allow for easy navigation between features. Previous locations are remembered to enable fast toggling back-and-forth without having to navigate back to the last log or document you were viewing.
  • Contacts – Access project team member contact details.
  • Recent items – Select from a list of recently visited RFIs and Documents.
  • Sort and search – Keyword search RFI titles and sort RFIs in ascending or descending order.
  • Favorites – Pin projects to the top of the list.
For details on accessing the project home page from Mobile Team, see Open a Project in Team Mobile.

Mobile Documents

  • Upload online and offline – Upload from a mobile device.
  • Properties and History – View a document’s properties and history on a mobile device.
For details on using documents in Mobile Team, see Documents and Drawings.

Attachment markup

Team members in a Submittal, RFI or Issue can clarify or add context by opening PDF attachments in the web viewer and utilizing the document markup toolset.

For details, see Mark up a PDF Attachment.

Submittals enhancements

Improvements for managing the fluid Submittal process:
  • Forward Submittals – Pass the responsibility for a Submittal to another team member without advancing the state.

    For details, see Forward a Submittal.

  • Auto adjust review days – The ‘Default Days to Respond’ setting designates a window in which a Submittal response must be made. Missed deadlines impact the amount of time given to the next person in the workflow. With this release, dates will auto adjust so that each party receives their allotted time. The caveat being that auto adjustment won’t occur if there’s a threat to the ‘due on site’ date.

Assess project risk

Project dashboards provide a new means of more easily assessing risk via a visual count of open RFIs and Issues that have been determined as having a potential change impact on either cost, schedule or drawings.

For details, see View Items in Progress.

Scroll items

Next/previous controls allow the user to transition between item detail pages without having to navigate back to the register view.