What's New in 2018-R7

The seventh release for 2018 adds drawing management to the project management toolset. Additionally, approved submittals can be viewed on a mobile device and the Items in Progress report enables register drill through. The release also include several customer requested web and mobile enhancements, as well as fixes and stability improvements.

Drawing Management

An initial, web only release. Team Drawings provides a single location to maintain construction ready drawings. Keep the entire project team current and simplify the complexities of managing large and ever changing drawing sets with a log of approved, and up-to-date drawings, organized by discipline and set.

  • Manage drawing sets – The initial set as well as ASIs, Addendums and Bulletins. Track revisions and dates issued and received.
  • Saved Views – Custom log views for the project team.
  • Filter and search – By name, number, set, discipline and/or dates.
  • Linked PDF support – Import and navigate sheet hyperlinks from a PDF Set.
  • Mark-up – Open sheets from the log to view and mark-up.
  • Manage disciplines – Customize discipline codes by project.
Note: The Drawings tool is deactivated by default. Enterprise Admins can activate Drawings from the Admin Center on the Tools > Settings page. For details, see Activate or Deactivate Tools for the Enterprise. Once the Drawings tool is activated for an enterprise, Enterprise Admins or Project Admins can choose to exclude it from certain projects if needed. For details, see Activate or Deactivate Tools for a Project.

For information on how to use the Drawings tool, see Drawings.

Mobile Submittals

An initial release, field staff can view approved submittals, along with select metadata, to reference or confirm information from the jobsite on a mobile device.

For details, see Submittals.

Drill through progress items

Gain visibility and save time navigating to, and filtering register views with the ability to drill through the Items in Progress report to view overdue, coming due or on-track items in isolation.

For details, see View Items in Progress.

Web & mobile enhancements

  • Multiple reviewers on a submittal– Ability to have multiple reviewers, as well as approvers on a submittal.
  • Greater control of notifications for edits and state changes – Project Editors can enable or disable email notifications when an edit or change-in-state has occurred.
  • Customize downloads – Options to include/exclude cover sheet, comment & history when printing.
  • Bulletin board – Project Editors can add announcements in formatted text to the project dashboard.
  • Due dates on RFI notifications – Email notifications now include RFI due date.
  • Search projects by name – Find projects on the homepage more easily with keyword search by name.
  • Mobile Contacts – Tapping a team member’s name on the screen exposes their contact details (phone, email and more).