What's New in 2018-R9

The ninth release of 2018 makes operational reporting, which visualizes financial data direct from Vista and Spectrum, generally available. New integration provides deep-links to Spectrum job financial information and single-sign-on for Keystyle customers means seamless navigation. Additionally, drawing management enhancements are included along with web and mobile improvements, as well as fixes and stability work.

Operational reporting

Visualized financial data, direct from Vista and Spectrum. A brand new report, Billings-to-Date, which provides project managers with billing actuals to easily understand their over/under against the project schedule, joins the now generally available Contract Summary at Completion report which show gain/loss versus the original contract estimate. These out-of-the-box operational reports replace the need to spend time and energy on complicated query-driven report writing or having to rely on the accounting department. Instead, project managers get near real-time data for tactical day-to-day decision making.

Note: Billings-to-Date and Contract Summary reporting must be enabled by Viewpoint. To request this feature, open a Viewpoint support case from Clearview and request Contract Summary and Billings-to-Date for your enterpise.
Note: If you are running Vista on premises (as opposed to VEC), make sure you have installed the latest Vista-Team Connector and Project Communications Database file (Vista_Team_Connector_x.x.x.x.exe and Vista_ProjectCommunicationsDB_x.x.x.x.exe). For update instructions, see Update the Vista-Team Connector.

Once enabled by Viewpoint, operational reporting must be activated for your enterprise by the Enterprise Admin. From the Admin Center, activate the Job Cost Reports tool. (Tools > Settings > Job Cost Reports). For details, see Activate or Deactivate Tools for the Enterprise.

For details about each report, see View Billings-To-Date and View Contract Summary at Completion and Profit Fade/Gain.

New Spectrum integration

Project managers can more easily access job financial information with deep links to Spectrum. Change requests, invoices approval, subcontract management and more, a drop-down menu in Viewpoint Team reduces time spent navigating between platforms.

For details, see Open Spectrum PM Screens.

Keystyle single-sign-on

Construction professionals should have easy access to their data no matter where they are. Viewpoint Financial Controls, Viewpoint Field Management and Viewpoint HR Management, collectively and formerly known as Keystyle, allows those in the field or on-the-go to interact with Vista data from a mobile device. After an initial login, which links Viewpoint Team and Keystyle, users can move seamlessly between the two via navigation menus.

Note: Single-sign-on requries the Keystyle v17 release.

For details, see Open HR Management, Financial Controls, or Field Management. For instructions on enabling the Keystyle menu, see Activate or Deactivate Tools for the Enterprise.

Drawings enhancements

  • Prioritize drawing set disciplines order – Override the default alphabetical order in which drawing set disciplines are sorted in the log. For details, see Manage Project Disciplines.
  • Navigate by sheet links on mobile – Save time searching for sheets and instead navigate between sheets via call-out links. Note, Viewpoint Team doesn’t yet support link creation.
  • Viewer revision toggle – Toggle between multiple revisions of a sheet without leaving the viewer. For details, see Document Viewer Options .

Web enhancements

  • Copy existing projects – Create new projects quicker by copying non-user project data (views, statuses, default review days, and automatic numbering) to new projects. For details, see Add a New Project.
  • View attachments natively – PDFs and MS Office documents, attached to Submittals, RFIs, Issues and Daily Logs open in the viewer.
  • Grid export improvements – Submittal, RFI and Issue logs are regularly exported and socialized. Recipients can more easily identify what they’re reviewing, as the Excel output now contains additional descriptors.
  • PDF layer support – Turn individual PDF layers on/off to view in isolation (for example, mechanical layer only). For details, see Document Viewer Options .

Mobile enhancements

  • Default to open on mobile – Email notifications related to RFIs and Submittals, and received on a mobile device, will open the VViewpoint Team mobile app by default, if installed.
  • Project dashboard bulletin – Bulletin messages created for projects in the web app will also appear on mobile project dashboards.