What's New in 2019-R11

Viewpoint Team™ web highlights include the ability to add drawings sheets to published drawing sets, distribution groups can now be set as default contacts for RFIs and issues, revision auto-incrementing, drawing automation improvements, as well as maintenance and fixes. Mobile highlights include project navigation UI enhancements.

Web Enhancements

  • Add drawing sheets to published sets – Update published drawing sets with an architect's supplemental instructions (ASIs), or other drawing sheets, without having to create an entirely new drawing set. For more details, see Edit a Drawing Set.
  • Distribution groups as default contacts - Keep in closer contact with your distribution groups, as these groups are now automatically the default contacts under Project Settings (RFIs and issues only). For information on Project Settings, see Project Settings.
  • Revision auto-incrementing for drawing sheets - Adding to R9's capability of alpha character support for drawing sheet revision, Team now adapts to your chosen revisioning format and "auto-increments" successive revisions. (Example: If you manually select your revisions as "A," the second revision will automatically be labeled "B"; if you manually set your first revision to "A01," then the second revision will appear as "A02".)
  • Drawings automation improvements - Improving on R10's capability to split and name drawings, we continue to expand PDF types and features that we support, such as the following supported in R11:
    • PDFs with varying rotations
    • Handling of large PDF sheets (greater than 20MB)
    • Improved title block selection accuracy for most PDFs
  • Bring drawing markups forward – Preserve markups so that new revisions of a document won’t overwrite markups made on previous versions, with a Bring Markups Forward option when you go to to Publish Drawings.

Mobile Enhancements

  • Project navigation enhancements - Save time and valuable screen real estate by finding all of your tools now located in the main menu ().

Release Availability Schedule

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About the Vista–Team Connector

If your enterprise is integrated with Vista, make sure you are running the latest version of the Vista-Team connector and Project Communications Database update file to take advantage of the latest improvements. For details, see Update the Vista-Team Connector.