What's New in 2019-R12

Viewpoint Team™ web highlights include the ability to control and configure work items attachments for output, ISO 19650 naming convention support, project drawing discipline code imports, deletion of drawing revisions, as well as maintenance and fixes. Mobile highlights include deep links to docs and drawings and favorites navigation UI enhancements.

Web Enhancements

  • Document builder - Control and configure documents for output, printing and for sharing with non-system users. Select individual PDFs, Microsoft Office documents and images that are attached to a submittal, RFI or issue, and specify the order in which they’re arranged. Coversheets can be included—both standard and custom—along with comments and history. For details, see Print Work Item Attachments.
  • ISO 19650 naming convention support - Contractors in the United Kingdom can save time on drawing set preparation, as the system will automatically split the drawing set and extract the discipline using the ISO 19650 naming standard. For details, see Parse Drawing Discipline Codes.
  • Copy drawings discipline codes - Save valuable time by easily copy an existing project's drawing codes into a new one, instead of manually adding them. For details, see Copy Drawing Discipline Codes.
  • Delete drawings revisions - You can now delete a published drawing revision from the Drawing Sets screen. This is helpful in instances where you have two revisions of the same drawing and only want the most recent revision to be available. For details, see Delete a Drawing Revision.
  • Default starting revision - You can now set a default starting revision number and/or letter, so that when you upload drawings to a project, sheets appear with the expected revision numbers and/or letters. For details, see Set Auto-Incrementing for Drawings Revisions.

Mobile Enhancements

  • Deep links to docs and drawings – Gain instant access to documents and drawings by tapping a link on your phone that brings you directly into the mobile app itself—instead of being routed to content via a web browser.
  • Favorites navigation enhancements - Keep your favorites at your fingertips with a new Set Navigation Favorites option in Settings. As a result, the main menu organizes your favorites in an easier-to-read manner. Additionally, you can "star" your favorite Team Mobile buttons (example: RFIs, Drawings, Project Home, Daily Logs), so that they appear along the bottom of the screen.

Release Availability Schedule

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About the Vista–Team Connector

If your enterprise is integrated with Vista, make sure you are running the latest version of the Vista-Team connector and Project Communications Database update file to take advantage of the latest improvements. For details, see Update the Vista-Team Connector.