What's New in 2019-R2

This release delivers the ability to download a project’s drawing log to a mobile device for offline usage. Additional enhancements include logging attachments on email notification replies and the ability to filter RFIs by type on a mobile device. Customer suggested fixes are also included.

Download drawings to mobile devices

Ensure jobsite personnel have access to a project’s entire log of approved drawings on jobsites with poor internet connectivity. New drawing revisions are automatically downloaded and cached when a device reestablishes an internet connection.

For instructions on setting your mobile device to download project drawings, see Cache the Latest Revisions of Project Drawings.

Capture email attachments

Documents attached to replies to system email notification are now captured, in addition to the email text.

Mobile RFI filter

RFIs can be filtered by Type in addition to State and Due-By on a mobile device.

For details on finding an RFI in Team Mobile, see Find an RFI for a Project in Team Mobile.

Notify Recipients when Manually Changing Work Item State

When manually changing the state of a work item, you can select Notify Recipients to ensure that all project contacts associated with the work item receive an email notfiication of the change. For details, see Manually Change a Submittal State, Manually Change an RFI State, or Manually Change an Issue State.

Change a Contact's Profile Information

Project editor roles can change some information in a contact's profile, including name, organization, or phone number. For details, see Edit a Contact.

Release Availability Schedule

Click Release Availability Schedule to view the availability schedule for this release.