What's New in 2019-R3

This release delivers the ability to markup drawings on a mobile device and relate drawing markups to RFIs and Issues in the web. Additional web and mobile enhancements are included along with fixes.

Markup drawings on mobile

Record observations from the jobsite by marking up drawings on a mobile device with clouds, arrows, text and more. Mobile markups are visible in the web app and vice-versa. Full functionality is available when offline for jobsites with poor or non-existent internet connectivity.

For instructions on marking up drawings with Mobile Team, see Mark up a Drawing with Team Mobile.

Relate markups

Relate drawing markups to an existing RFI or Issue in the web app. The link enables fast navigation between the information and workflow of an RFI/Issue and the web and mobile app’s viewer to see the markup on a drawing.

For instructions on relating a markup to a work item, see Relate a Drawing Markup to a Work Item.

Mobile enhancements

  • Dashboard Progress report: Assess risk at a glance with a visualized progress report on the status of open RFIs, Issues and Submittals.

    For details on viewing a progress report of work item status in Mobile Team, see View Items In Progress.

  • Issues feature filters: More easily find Issue items with filters for State, Due Date and Type.

    For details on finding an issue in Mobile Team, see Find an Issue in Team Mobile

  • Fast navigation between items: Quickly scroll between RFI, Issue and Submittal details screens without having to navigate back to the register screen.

Web enhancements

  • Set time zones for PDF date/time stamps: Minimize confusion by setting a project’s time zone so that corresponding dates and times stamped on PDFs reflect that in which the project is located. Grids and other fields still use the browser’s time.

    You can set the project time zone from the project settings page. For details, see Edit Project Details.

  • Standard distribution language: Distribute a project specific custom message when closing a submittal or marking the answer for an RFI/Issue.

    You can enter a distribution message from the project settings page for the corresponding work item type. For details see, Set Submittal Defaults for a Project, Set RFI Defaults for a Project, or Set Issue Defaults for a Project.

Release Availability Schedule

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