What's New in 2019-R4

This release contains enhancements to operational reporting, drawings navigation, as well as features and usability improvements for web and mobile. Fixes are also included.

Job Cost trending report

Embedded into the Contract Summary operational report. Arrest profit fade with job cost trending data to see how revenue, cost and margin fluctuate month-over-month, versus the original contract estimate. Eliminate cumbersome manual reporting with operational reports, containing data direct from Vista and Spectrum, on the Viewpoint Team project dashboard. For details, see View Contract Summary at Completion and Profit Fade/Gain.

Drawings enhancements

  • Drawings navigation pane – Faster navigation. A new panel provides quick access to the drawings log from within the drawings viewer. Users can load a new drawing without having to navigate back to the drawings log screen. For details on viewing drawings, see View a Drawing.
  • Drawings log saved position – Your scroll position, as well as the disciplines expanded or collapsed are saved, so as to not lose your place after returning to the log, having navigated away to the viewer or a different feature.

Web enhancements

  • Reassign work items – Reassign open work items to another user, in bulk, when revoking someone from a Project. Save time manually revoking and reassigning individual work items when a team member exits a project. For details, see Revoke a Contact's Access to a Project and Reassign Items.
  • Rich text formatting – Controls for formatting text (bold, italics and more) in Description and Note fields on RFIs, Issues and Submittals.
  • Custom invite message – A custom welcome message to greet those receiving an email invitation to collaborate. For details on inviting a contact, see Invite a Contact to Use Viewpoint Team™.

Mobile Enhancements

  • Issues default open to mobile – Those accessing an Issue item via a mobile browser will be prompted to either install, or open the mobile app.
  • Sync indicators – Users are informed as to the date/time of the most recent sync, and are warned when a sync fails. An important enhancement for jobsites with poor or inconsistent internet connectivity. For details, see Sync Indicator.

Release Availability Schedule

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About the Vista-Team Connector

If your enterprise is integrated with Vista, make sure you are running the latest version of the Vista-Team connector and Project Communications Database update file to take advantage of the latest improvements. For details, see Update the Vista-Team Connector.