Whats New in Team 2020 R12

The Viewpoint Team™ 2020 R12 release contains the ability to notify your contacts when publishing a drawing set, an export function for forms analysis data, and the new Viewpoint One application menu for web. Mobile enhancements include major improvements to your photos module such as the timeline view, syncing photos to your device, and the ability to copy and paste photo tags.

Web Enhancements

  • Automatic Notification of New Drawing Sets - When a new drawing set is published, an email notification can be sent to selected users and distribution groups. See Create and Upload a Drawing Set for more details.
  • Export Forms Analysis Data to Excel - Your forms analysis data can now be exported into an excel sheet. For details, see Export Forms Analysis Data.
  • Viewpoint One Application Menu - A new application menu has been implemented enabling you to switch between your products easily. Click in the upper right corner of Trimble Construction One, and then select an application. For more details, see About the Application Menu.

Mobile Enhancements

  • Mobile Photo Timeline View - Your photos can now be viewed in the timeline view.

  • Save Photos Locally before Syncing - You now have the choice to save your photos locally on your device before uploading your images into Team. For details, see Save Photos with Team Mobile.
  • Copy/Paste Photo Tags - Photo tags can now be copied and pasted between photos. For more details, see Tag a Photo with Team Mobile.

Viewpoint Help

This release introduces the new Viewpoint Help site. With Viewpoint Help, you can:

  • Access Help for multiple Viewpoint products.
  • Filter your search by categories such as "product" or "video."
  • Easily print or generate PDFs of individual Help pages or entire sections of Help.

For more information on Viewpoint Help, see About Viewpoint Help.