What's New in Team 2020 R4

The second Viewpoint Team™ release for 2020 contains the ability to subscribe to document folder notifications, submittals speed improvement, easier single-sheet drawing upload, and the ability to export drawings logs to Excel for web.

Web Enhancements

  • Automatic document folder notifications – Get proactively notified of any document folder activity by going to Projects > Documents > Subscribe. For details, see Subscribe to a Folder.
    • Administrators also have a new Edit Subscriptions option in the Actions button () when a folder is selected, in order to manage users' folder subscriptions. For details on subscribing a user to a folder, see Subscribe a User to a Folder.
  • Submittals speed improvements – Platform development has improved submittal register and creation load times by 64% (faster!) on average, and state changes by 37%. Some of the heaviest Viewpoint Team users are experiencing an improvement of over 80% in load and create times
  • Export drawing register to Excel – You can now export drawings logs to create an Excel file by clicking the More button and selecting Export. For details, see Export the List of Drawings .
  • Easier single-sheet drawing upload – Drawings uploaded as separated sheets are no longer required to fit a pre-defined naming convention. If your filenames match the pre-defined naming convention, then their discipline, sheet number, and sheet name will be parsed out as they were previously. If not, the file will still be uploaded and you'll be able to manually correct its metadata before publishing your drawing set. For details, see Upload a Drawing.

Release Availability Schedule

Click here to view the availability schedule for this release.

About the Vista–Team Connector

If your enterprise is integrated with Vista, make sure you are running the latest version of the Vista-Team connector and Project Communications Database update file to take advantage of the latest improvements. For details, see Update the Vista-Team Connector.

About Viewpoint Help - Beta Release

Viewpoint introduces Viewpoint Help, a new help website that gives you access to comprehensive product documentation from a single location. Please visit the beta release of Viewpoint Help and click the banner to send us your feedback. For more information, see About Viewpoint Help.