What's New in Team 2020 R5

The third Viewpoint Team™ release for 2020 contains the ability to archive a project, easier PDF export for work items, and project number visibility with job drilldown for web. Mobile enhancements include the ability to create document folders, daily logs and submittals; the ability to use the mobile dashboard to drill down to individual work items; and the ability to add new equipment in daily logs.

Web Enhancements

  • Archive a project – Clean up your project list with a new way of archiving projects by going to Project Settings > Closeout > Archive. For details, see Archive a Project.

  • Easier PDF export – You can export a work item (submittal, RFI, issue) as a PDF via the Create a PDF to Print icon instead of using the Print function. For details, see Export a Work Item to PDF.
  • Project number visibility with project drilldown – Keep tabs on project numbers when you drill down into a job with new visibility of project numbers with job drilldown.

Mobile Enhancements

  • Create document folders – Organize your documents in the mobile app by adding folders by going to Projects > Documents > Add Folder. For details, see Add a New Folder. You can also now delete documents and folders (see Delete a Document and Delete a Folder).
  • Create daily logs – You can now add a daily log to track the daily activity for a project (including completed work, equipment, and other details) by going to Projects > Daily Logs > Add. For details, see Post a Daily Log.
  • Create and edit submittals – You can now add, edit and take action on submittals by going to Projects > Submittals > Add. (Prior to this release, submittals on mobile were read-only.) For details, see Add a Submittal.
  • Widget drilldown to work items – You can now use the mobile dashboard to drill down to a filtered list of work items.
  • Add new equipment in daily logs – You can now add a new piece of equipment in daily logs by tapping , typing in the unique equipment name and clicking Save. For details, see Add New Equipment in Daily Logs.

About Viewpoint Help - Beta Release

Viewpoint introduces Viewpoint Help, a new help website that gives you access to comprehensive product documentation from a single location. Please visit the beta release of Viewpoint Help and click the banner to send us your feedback. For more information, see About Viewpoint Help.

Release Availability Schedule

Click here to view the availability schedule for this release.

About the Vista–Team Connector

If your enterprise is integrated with Vista, make sure you are running the latest version of the Vista-Team connector and Project Communications Database update file to take advantage of the latest improvements. For details, see Update the Vista-Team Connector.