What's New in Team 2021 R3

The Viewpoint Team™ 2021 R3 release contains form template improvements, new ways to access your standard reports, and application menu upgrades for web. Mobile enhancements include the automatic creation of Form IDs. The release also includes a phased approach to read-only Project Financials for ViewpointOne users.

Web Enhancements

  • Archive Form Templates - Form templates no longer in use can now be archived by an admin. For more details, see Archive a Form Template.
  • Form ID - To help distinguish between multiple forms, a unique Form ID is now automatically generated.
  • Custom Links in the Application Menu - Enterprise Admins can now add custom links and add-on ViewpointOne products to the Application Menu. In Enterprise Settings, select the Modules tab and then select Applications. Custom links and add-on products are listed after your ViewpointOne products. See Add Custom Applications and Add-On Products to the Application Menu for more details.
  • Activate or Deactivate Analytics - You can now activate or deactivate Analytics from the Admin Center in ViewpointOne. For instructions, see Activate or Deactivate Tools for the Enterprise
  • User Guides - There are new how-to guides for Team and Analytics in the Resource Center in ViewpointOne. From the Resource Center select User guides.

Operational Reporting Enhancements

  • Reports Filtered by Project - With this release, when you use the Reporting option in a Team project to view a standard report or create a custom report, the report automatically applies a filter to display data for that project only. For details about Reporting, see:
  • Job Cost Reports - You can now access Job Cost reports by selecting the Additional Options button in the "Contract Summary at Completion" section of your project dashboard in Team. For details about the Contract Summary at Completion, see View Contract Summary at Completion and Profit Fade/Gain.

Mobile Enhancements

  • Form ID - Team Mobile automatically creates a unique ID when a form is created.

Project Financials

Viewpoint Team™ introduces a phased approach for read-only Project Financials. Enabled ViewpointOne customers will be able to create change orders from Vista or Spectrum and view pending change orders, budgets, and schedule values/contract billing items in Team. To be part of the Project Financials enablement, you must be a ViewpointOne Customer. If you are, email Sandra Johnson at Sandra_Johnson@trimble.com to join the enablement list.

Release Availability Schedule

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