Configure Single Sign-On (SSO)

Allow users to log in to the portal with a single sign-on ID and password.

Create a SAML app in Okta or Azure Active Directory. Information on this setup is maintained in the Viewpoint Customer Portal at Log in and search for the Knowledge Base article titled: Setting Up SAML App For Single Sign-on Using HR Management, Field Management, Financial Controls.
You must be a system admin to perform the following steps.
Important: In order to use single sign on integration, your portal MUST be externally facing with an SSL Certificate applied to it for security.
  1. Access the server where the portal is installed.
  2. Navigate to the following directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Keystyle Data Solutions\Keystyle Data Solutions\HRIM\Config.
    Note: If the portal was installed to a different directory, navigate to Keystyle Data Solutions\Keystyle Data Solutions\HRIM\Config.
  3. Rename your SAML certificate as saml.cert, and move it to the Config folder.
  4. In the portal, select Admin > Portal Settings > Security / Login > Single Sign On.
  5. In SAML Audience URI, enter an application-specific Audience URI. This must match your SAML-based SSO application setup.
  6. In Single Sign on URL, enter the URL designated by your SAML provider.
  7. In URL to redirect to if SSO authentication fails, enter a URL of your choice.
  8. Test in your single sign-on environment to confirm that you can log in.
    Important: DO NOT move to the next step unless you have confirmed that you can log in through your single sign-on environment, or you may lock all users out of your portal.
  9. Optionally, if all users will log in through single sign-on, you can select Admin > Portal Settings > Security / Login > Windows Authentication Login, and change the Log in mode to 4 (4 = SSO).
If you need assistance with your single sign-on system, please contact your single sign-on provider.