Enable Windows-Authenticated Login

Allow users with a VA User Profile to log in to the portal with their Windows Active Directory credentials.

  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Security / Login > Windows Authentication Login.
  2. In LDAP Domain (for use with single domains only), enter the domain as it appears in the VA User Profile (DOMAIN\username). When users log in to the portal, they should enter their username without the domain.
    • The domain is automatically added and validated against the VA User Profile.
    • If your VA User Profiles are not set up as Windows logins, you can use the Domain Login field (found on the Info tab of the VA User Profile) to enter this information instead of recreating the user profile.
  3. In LDAP Path, enter the Domain Path. Typically, this is the IP Address of a Domain Controller in the format LDAP://
  4. Change Log in mode to 3 (3 = Both Vista Employee # and Windows / Active Directory), and test to verify that your login works.
    If your login fails, you can still modify portal settings via your employee number.
    Important: DO NOT change Log in mode to 2 until you have fully tested option 3.
Users can sign in with their Windows-authenticated username and password immediately. They do not need to enroll in the portal or use their standard portal logins.