Enable Windows-Authenticated Login Without VA User Profile

Allow users without a VA User Profile in Vista to log in to the portal with their Windows Active Directory credentials.

  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Security / Login > Windows Authentication Login.
  2. Change Log in mode to 2 or 3 (2 = Windows / Active Directory Only, 3 = Both Vista Employee # and Windows / Active Directory), and test to verify that your login works.
  3. In LDAP Domain (for use with single domains only), enter the domain from DOMAIN\username.
  4. In LDAP Path, enter the Domain Path. Typically, this is the IP Address of a Domain Controller in the format LDAP://
  5. In Vista, create a custom field on the HR Resources form. Use this field to store the user's Domain Login (DOMAIN\Username) from their VA User Profile.
  6. In the portal, select Admin > Portal Settings > Security / Login > Windows Authentication Login.
  7. In User Defined Field Name on HR Resource Master to store domain username, enter the name of the user-defined field that you just set up in Vista.
  8. Select Admin > Portal Settings, and then select Refresh Synonyms.
    After you refresh synonyms, users should be allowed to log in to the portal.
    Note: When users sign in to the portal, they should enter their username without the domain. The domain is automatically added and validated against the custom field in HR Resources. The portal looks at the PRCo and Employee in HR Resources to identify the employee.