Configure SMS Messages

To configure SMS messages, you will need to track the cell phone carrier for each employee as a user-defined field in Vista. Then you can allow users to update their SMS settings through Personal Info or Paperless Consent.

  1. In Vista:
    1. Create a user-defined combo box with the values for each of your carriers (Viewpoint Administration > Programs > VA Custom Field Combo Boxes).
      • Set the DatabaseValue to the Email to SMS address available from your carrier.
      • Set the DisplayValue to the carrier name (no special format required).

    2. In the VA Custom Fields Wizard (Viewpoint Administration > Programs > VA Custom Fields Wizard), create a user-defined field on PR Employees called udCellPhoneCarrier.

    3. As you complete the wizard:
      • Use a text field type, with an approximate length of 100 characters.
      • Add this field to the tab of your choice in PR Employees.
      • Be sure to select 3-Combobox as the Control to use.

  2. In your employee portal:
    1. Select Admin > Portal Settings.
    2. Select Refresh Synonyms.
      Note: Refresh synonyms during off-peak hours at your company. The portal may be unavailable for a few minutes during the refresh.
    3. Select Employee Tools > Request Settings.
      Note: You must be a Personal Info Admin to access the Request Settings page. Assign admins in Admin > Admin Roles.
    4. On the Request Settings page, select the udCellPhoneCarrier from the dropdown, and select Add to Portal.

    5. For Update Mode, select Update PR Only.
    6. For Approval Workflow, select Approval Required Before Update.
    7. Grant users access to edit their SMS settings. See Allow Users to Edit Their SMS Settings for details.