Configure SMS Messages with Twilio

Link your portal to your Twilio account to send SMS messages through the portal.

After you configure SMS messages with Twilio, users with a mobile number entered in their PR Employee record in Vista can be sent paystub notifications (via Timecard Admins) and group messages (via Bulletin Admins) through your Twilio account.

If a group message sent via Twilio is over 157 characters, it will be split into two messages.

  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Email Configuration > Twilio SMS Integration.
  2. Update the Twilio Account Auth Token and Twilio Account SID. You can find this information on your Twilio Account Dashboard.
    Note: If you have modified the portal setting Password Reset Preferences (Admin > Portal Settings > Security / Login > Log In Page) to enable SMS, the portal will use Twilio when sending password reset text messages.