Set Up a Custom Logo Thumbnail

To set up a custom company thumbnail, you can specify an override file by attaching an image to the HQ Company record in Vista.

  1. In Vista, select Document Management > Programs > DM Attachment Types.
  2. Create a new Attachment Type for company thumbnails, and note the Attachment Type ID (typically starts with 50###).

  3. Select Headquarters > Programs > HQ Company Setup.
  4. On the Grid tab, select the company that you want to attach the custom thumbnail to, and select the Attachments button.

  5. In the Attachment Form, select the thumbnail to represent the company, and then select Add.
  6. In the Attachment Detail Form, set the Attachment Type to the type that you set up in step 2.
  7. In the portal, select Admin > Portal Settings > Administration / Initial Setup > Advanced Configuration.
    Note: To view advanced portal settings, select Show Advanced Settings at the top of the Portal Settings page.
  8. In Thumbnail logo Attachment Type ID, enter the Attachment Type from step 2.
  9. Restart your portal web application pool in IIS.
    Note: You may need to add VA Attachment Type Security in order to modify the attachment.