Verify Permissions in Vista

If your attachments are not working as expected, verify user permission settings in Vista.

  1. In Vista, select Viewpoint Administration > Programs > VA User Profile.
  2. Verify that your service account has a user profile associated with it.
    The VPUserName must match the service account and is case-sensitive.
    Note: If you are prompted to link the profile to an SQL login, select No.
  3. If Job, Contract, or Employee data type security is enabled, confirm that the portal user profile has been assigned to all necessary security groups that will be used in the portal.
  4. If Payroll Group Security is enabled, do the following in Vista:
    1. Select Payroll > Programs > PR Groups.
    2. Select the Group Security tab.
    3. Assign the service account to each PR Group that will be enabled in the portal.