My Emails Won't Send in Applicant Tracking

Resolve common issues that prevent emails from sending via the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Is the portal configured to send email notifications?

If the portal is not configured to send email notifications, Applicant Tracking emails will be generated and show in the Mail Log, but they will not be sent. See Configure Email Notification SMTP Settings for details.

Are the email addresses entered correctly?

If the email address for one of the recipients is incomplete or contains a typo, the portal will not be able to send the message. The message is marked as unable to deliver after three failed attempts.

Does your mail server allow External Relay from the portal?

If you are getting a log note in the email on the Mail Log that says "Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: 5.7.1 Unable to relay," your mail server most likely does not have external relay enabled. External relay allows your portal to send messages to outside domains (for example,,, in addition to your company-specific email addresses.

Is your portal URL entered?

If you have not filled in your portal URL, emails that include a link back to the portal will not be sent. To review this setting:
  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Administration / Initial Setup > General Configuration.
  2. Review the setting called Portal URL (including trailing '/').
  3. If your portal is only accessible internally, format the URL as follows: https://ServerName:PortNumber/' where ServerName is your web server name, and the port number is the port where your portal is located.
    Note: To verify the port number, open IIS Manager, and review the port bindings for the HRIM site.

If you are passing Basic Authentication for your SMTP settings, do you have impersonate allowed?

If you are using Basic Authentication in your SMTP Configuration for the portal (meaning a username and password are entered in portal settings), you will need to allow the service account of your portal to impersonate any email address on your domain. See this article for details. When sending Applicant Tracking emails in particular, the portal is generating an employee-specific numbered ID as the email address to send from. This ensures that if the applicant responds to the email, the appropriate individual within your company receives that response.

Note: If you are using Basic Authentication and impersonation is not enabled, you cannot send Applicant Tracking emails from the portal.

Troubleshooting steps did not resolve my issue

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