Set Up a Reviewer in Vista

Reviewers can be set up to approve timecards, invoices, and jobs in the portal.

To set up a reviewer, use Vista to create the user and to assign that user the correct reviewer roles. For users who will access your web portal only and do not need to log in to Vista, you can set up their VA User Profiles to prevent them from using a Vista license, as instructed below.
  1. In Vista, select Viewpoint Administration > Programs > VA User Profile.
  2. On the Grid tab, select the user.
    Note: If the user does not have a VA User Profile, you must set one up in order to make that user a reviewer.
  3. On the Info tab, verify that the PR Co and Employee fields show entries for this user:
    • PR Co: The payroll company that the user belongs to. Press F4 for a list of valid companies.
    • Employee: The employee number to associate with the user. Press F4 for a list of employees.
      Note: For users who will access your web portal only and do not need to log in to Vista, select the Deactivated checkbox on the Info tab. This prevents these users from consuming a Vista license but still allows them to approve timecards, invoices, or jobs in the portal.

  4. Select Headquarters > Programs > HQ Reviewers.
  5. Create the reviewer, and select the User Names tab.
  6. Add the reviewer's VA User Profile under User Name.

  7. Select Headquarters > Programs > HQ Reviewer Group.
  8. Select the Reviewer Group to assign this reviewer to.

    Note: For Job Billing, the Reviewer Group Type must be 3-Job Billing in order to be assigned to the JB Reviewer Group in JC Contracts.
  9. Select the Reviewers tab.
  10. Add the name of the reviewer that you just created.