What Email Address is Used for Sending Notifications

Troubleshoot issues when emails sent from the portal are going to a user's personal email address or emails are not being received.

By default, the portal chooses email addresses based on the following logic:
  • First: VA User Profile (if one exists) > Email field.
    Note: If you have enabled the portal setting Ignore VA user profile emails in Logic located under Admin > Portal Settings > Email Configuration > General Configuration, the portal will not use the email address set up on the VA User Profile.
  • Second: HR Resources > Email field.
  • Third: PR Employees > Email field.
If the VA User Profile exists, but the employee is still receiving emails at a personal email address, update the link between the two records in the VA User Profile module:
  1. In Vista, open the VA User Profile form (Viewpoint Administration > Programs > VA User Profile).
  2. Update the PR Co and Employee fields:
    • PR Co: Enter the payroll company that the user belongs to. Press F4 for a list of valid companies.
    • Employee: Enter the employee number to associate with the user. Press F4 for a list of employees.