System Admin Permissions

System Admins have the ability to enable and modify certain modules using options available from the Admin menu.

Note: Options with an asterisk (*) are also accessible to Security Admins. Assign Security Admins on the Admin Roles page. Security Admins typically assist with access, maintenance, and troubleshooting (such as someone in IT) but not system setup.
Option Allows System Admins to
User Access* Grant access to modules.
Portal Settings Modify application settings and behavior.
Approval Permissions* Assign approval permissions for specific modules.

Assign these permissions only when implementing the relevant modules.
Admin Roles Assign administrative permissions for certain modules.

Assign these permissions only when configuring the relevant modules.
Employee Groups* Build groups of employees to use for assigning permissions.
Login Auditing* Review failed login attempts and login data for employees.
Data Security Assign permissions to specific data types.
Mail Log* Review emails sent from the portal.
Manage Lookups* Create dropdown lists for specific modules (Checklists, Onboarding, Applicant Tracking, Performance, Training).