Review Additional Settings: Security / Login

As part of your initial setup, review and update portal settings under Security / Login.

For more details about setting up security for your portal, see Modify Portal Security and Login.
  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Security / Login.
  2. Select General Configuration
  3. Review the following settings:
    • Disable Portal Access immediately upon termination for all users:
      • If you enable this setting, users who are terminated (PR Employee profile deactivated and a term date is entered in Vista) will not be able to log in to the portal. Rehired employees cannot log in to the portal until they are given access to modules on the User Access page.
      • If this setting is not enabled, users can still log in to the portal but will have access only to the Earnings and Personal Info modules, if those modules were selected for them on the User Access page. These users can still update personal information and access paystubs and W-2 forms after they leave the company. Rehired employees are able to log in to the portal with access to the same modules previously selected for them on the User Access page.
    • Enable option for employee to click as Signature instead of drawing:
      • Enable this setting if you want the user to be able to select a button to have a signature generated automatically based on their name in Vista.

      • This setting applies to all areas in the portal where you can allow signatures.
      Note: If your employee names are in all caps in Vista, auto-generated signatures will appear in all caps in the portal. In this case, it is recommended that you do not enable this setting.