Create Field Service Form Templates

Define and manage the form templates used in Field Service.

Access to the Field Service Form Templates page is restricted to users in the security group selected in User Group for Field Service Admins (Admin > Portal Settings > Field Service > General Configuration).
  1. Select Field Service > Form Templates.
  2. Select New Template.
    Note: To edit an existing template, select that template from the list shown on the Field Service Form Templates page. A new page opens where you can modify template information.
  3. Enter a Template Name, and select Create.
    Note: To edit the template name, select rename in the template header.
  4. If you want to limit access to this template to a specific group of technicians, select the appropriate Employee Group.
    To allow all technicians to access this form, select No User Group.
  5. Use Report RDL to create a custom SSRS report specifically for this template (SMWorkCompleted.rdl).
    The custom report overrides the SSRS report from the portal. See Adjust Module-Specific SSRS Reports for details.
  6. Select Edit Header Text to create header text to display at the top of the form.
  7. To set requirements or rules for a form, such as assigning it to a specific service site or call type, or setting a form as required, select the Default Assignments button:
    The Set Default Assignments window opens.
    1. In the Assignment Type drop-down, choose an option: Service Site, Call Type, Service Item Class, or Standard Task.
    2. Select an Assignment Value that corresponds to the Assignment Type. For example, if the Assignment Type is Service Site, the Assignment Value drop-down shows a list of site locations. You can also select All to assign all forms to an Assignment Type.
    3. To require that technicians complete the form before closing a trip that fits the given assignment criteria, select the Required check box. Required forms display with a red asterisk in the Add Form drop-down on a scope.
    4. Select the Add button to assign the new rule to the form.
    5. When you are finished, select Close to return to the form setup page.
  8. To set up a workflow for this form, select the Workflow button.
    When a trip is completed, forms will be routed and shared according to your workflow selections.
    1. In the SM Form Workflow pop-up, select Enable Workflow For This Template.
    2. Choose the reviewers who should receive an email when the technician submits the form. Options include:
      • Route to reviewer on the Work Order.
      • Route to the reviewer on the Service Center.
      • Exclude from trip close out (excludes trip from trip closeout package but saves the record in Vista).
      • User Group to Route To (emails employees in the selected user group when forms are submitted).
  9. To add sections to your template, enter a name for that section in the New Item Group box, and select Add New Item Group.
    For details on Item Group fields, see Field Service Form Templates: Item Group Fields.
  10. Click the group name to expand it, and then add or edit fields as needed.
  11. To delete an item group at any time, select the red trash can icon in the section header.