Field Service Form Templates: Item Group Fields

Find descriptions for the fields shown in the Item Group section of a Field Service Form Template.

For help adding item groups (sections) to a template, see Create Field Service Form Templates.

Field / Button Description
Add Item Click Add Item to add a new item to your group.
Up / Down Arrows Allow you to rearrange the order of your items.
Paperclip Allows you to attach a picture to your group item.
Item Number To number the items on your form (recommended), enter an item number in this section. The number will appear directly before the item itself.
Item Prompt The question your user will answer.
Item Long Prompt Allows you to add details to your item using HTML styles.
Response Type Choose how your user will respond to the items on the checklist. There are many options which range across: Checkbox, Date, Full Signature, Initials, Number, Prompt Only, Time, Yes/No, and more. For full details on these options see Response Type Options.
Advanced Options Provide settings that you can use to do the following:
  • Show comments on forms
  • Allow user attachments for a form item
  • Require a form item (users must enter all required fields in order to complete a form)
  • Set a form item as active or inactive (form items default to active)