Close a Trip in Field Service

When you close trip in Field Service, you can select to schedule a return trip and obtain a customer signature for work completed.

  1. Open a Field Service work order (Field Service > Work Order Dashboard).
  2. Review work order information and scopes to ensure that all details are complete.
  3. At the bottom of the Work Order details page, select Complete Trip.
    The Trip Completion dialog box opens.
    Note: You can also close a trip from a scope by selecting the Complete Trip button shown on the Scope Details page.
  4. Select from the trip completion options either to Hide Attachments During Completion or Include Photo Thumbnails During Review.
  5. If enabled, you can select to Collect Payment Onsite.
    On the next page, you will enter a payment reference number from a third-party payment system of your choice.
    Note: The Collect Payment Onsite check box displays only if the portal setting Enable Payment Collection Option during Trip Close-Out is enabled.
  6. If return trip options display, you can select Return Trip Required if additional work remains for this trip:
    1. Select a reason code for the return trip.
    2. If required, enter notes to provide more details about the work completed, issues, or remaining work.
      Note: Reason codes and notes are saved to the Trips tab of the work order in Vista.
  7. Under Completed Scopes for Customer Signature, select the check box for each scope completed during the service call.
    • You must complete at least one scope in order to close the trip.
    • Completing a scope in Field Service does not close the scope in Vista.
  8. Select Continue.
  9. If you are collecting a payment, the Payment Collection section opens on the scope. Enter the Payment Reference Number from the third-party payment system that you are using.
  10. In the Signature section, select the name of the signer, add a new contact, or choose No Signer. If the signer is present, ask for a signature in the Signature box. Add more than one signer by selecting Add Another Signer.
    • The Signature box displays the default signature block set up in Field Service portal settings.
    • The Signed off by drop-down field lists all SM site contacts in Vista if the work order has a site. If not, the contacts listed for the customer are shown.

      Users can also choose to Add a new contact to the Signature section.
      • Enter the new contact's information in the required fields.
      • Have the new contact sign in the Signature box.
    Note: Work order information that is visible to the customer is based on Field Service configuration settings.
  11. Select Complete and choose email recipients for the trip closeout notification. You can also add email recipients in the Additional Email Distribution field.
    • To send closeout emails to recipients not on the list of contacts, select non contact.
    • If you would like to disable email confirmations for certain SM Companies, list them in the portal setting Do not send email confirmation when completing trips.
    Note: Default email recipients may display if they have been set up for SM Customer contacts or SM Service Site contacts in Vista. Default recipients may not be edited or removed.
  12. Select Complete again to close the trip. Completing a trip does the following:
    • Creates a new contact for any new signers at the site or customer level.
    • Converts the completed work order to a PDF, which is emailed to all signers who provided email addresses and saved to the Attachments tab of the work order in Vista.
    • Displays the attachments included in the trip closeout email on the SM Complete screen.
    • Records the completed work order, with the PDF attachment, in the portal's Mail Log.
Note: To adjust trip completion settings, go to Admin > Portal Settings > Field Service > Trip Close-Out.