Update Field Service Scopes

Access scopes from Field Service work orders. Assigned technicians can view scope details, mark scope tasks as complete, and add or remove work completed, notes, and attachments.

Technicians can also close a trip directly from the Scope Details page.
  1. Open a Field Service work order (Field Service > Work Order Dashboard).
  2. Select the chevron button in the work order header.
  3. If you see the Clock In button, you can clock in directly from the work order page:
    • After you tap Clock In, select a select a Trip, Scope, and Pay Type.
    • To clock out or review clock-in status, select the Clock Out button in the navigation bar.
  4. In work order details, select a scope to open the scope details.

  5. Scopes show their own unique priority, service item, scope detail, and, if applicable, custom fields that have values in Vista.
    Select the Service Item name to view item details and a Work Order History for that item. Service Item details come from Vista's SM Serviceable Items.

  6. Select Add Work Completed to add work for Labor, Equipment, Misc, or Inventory, or to create a purchase order (the PO option is available based on portal settings).
    The logged in user defaults as the technician for work completed entries.
    Note: If a scope already includes work completed, you can select the in the upper right of that section (for example, Labor) to add work completed to the scope.

  7. In Add Work Completed details:
    1. Select a Date, and enter all required fields (underlined in red).
    2. Select Save to keep your entries (the Save button is available only after you complete all required fields).

    Note: The fields and options available for each work completed type are based on Field Service configuration settings. See About Work Completed Item Types for details.
  8. Scroll through work order sections and complete information as needed. For example, if a Tasks section displays, search for or select a service item, and then select the check box for any tasks that you have completed for that item.
    • Tasks come from the SM Scope Tasks tab on the Work Order in Vista.
    • Select Show Completed / Hide Completed to view or hide completed tasks for a service item.
  9. To add a form, select Add Form on a scope, and choose a form from the list. Then complete all form fields.
    • Forms may include required fields. If a required field is not completed, an Incomplete badge displays for that form in the Forms section.
    • Only completed forms are saved to the work order and are included in the PDF generated when the trip is closed.
    • Select the Print icon for a form to download a PDF version of that form.

  10. To add a note to a scope:
    1. Scroll to and Click in the Notes field.
    2. Type the note, or add it using voice-to-text on your phone.
      Note: Notes added at the scope level save to the Notes tab of the work order in Vista.
  11. To add an attachment, such as a PDF, image, or video:
    1. Scroll to the Attachments section.
    2. Drag and drop a file onto the Attachments area, or click Add Attachments, to navigate to and select a file.
      Note: Attachments save to the scope level of the work order in Vista.
  12. To close a trip from the Scope Details page, select the Complete Trip button.
    The Work Order - Trip Completion Wizard opens. See Close a Trip in Field Service for details on how to complete a trip.
    Note: You can also close a trip from a work order by selecting the Complete Trip button shown on the Work Order Details page (next to the Add Work Completed button).