Update Field Service Work Orders

Use the Field Service Work Order Dashboard to access, update, and close out work orders assigned to you on the Dispatch Board in Vista Service Management.

  1. Select Field Service > Work Order Dashboard.
  2. If you see the Clock In button, you can clock in directly from the work order page:
    • After you tap Clock In, select a Trip, Scope, and Pay Type.
    • To clock out or review clock-in status, select the Clock Out button in the navigation bar.
  3. To create a new work order, select the New Work Order button in the upper right.
    • A New Work Order page opens where you can select the customer, service site, and service center, and enter information such as the work order description, site contact, and site phone number.
    • After you complete the fields, select Create.
  4. To filter the Work Order Dashboard by trip date, select a trip date range using the From Trip Date and To Trip Date fields.
  5. Review the list of work orders for the selected date. Each work order shows a priority, status, work order description, trip description, customer name, service address, and contact phone number. Customer and job service site information comes from Vista's SM Service Sites.
    • Priority reflects the highest priority open scope on the work order.
    • Click an address to open Google Maps or Apple Maps.
    • Click a phone number to call that contact.
  6. Select the Status drop-down button to update the work order status. Updating the status in Field Service updates the status on the Dispatch Board in Vista. Status options:
    • Accepted
    • Rejected
    • En Route
    • Arrived
    • In-Progress
  7. Select the chevron button in a work order header to view work order details, which include the following information:
    • Job description, customer name, service address, and site contact.
    • Select Site Details to view, search for, or add new service items; add attachments to service items; or view service item locations at the customer's site. You can also edit notes for an SM Service Site if this option has been enabled for your portal.
    • Select Work Order History to open the Work Order History page where you can view past work orders for the site.
    • Select Show All Contacts to view all contacts associated with the SM Site or customer
      Note: The Service Items, Work Order History, and Show All Contacts buttons display only if those sections have details available.
    • If applicable, custom fields display in the section with the icon. Custom fields display based on Field Service portal settings.
    • At the bottom of the work order, you will find a summary of labor hours, equipment units, and items.
      Note: If the portal setting Hide SM Summary is enabled, the work order summary does not display.
      • Hours reflect the sum of all labor hours completed on open scopes regardless of earn code.
      • Equipment units reflect all units on open scopes regardless of revenue code.
      • If any purchase orders or billed materials (at least one inventory or miscellaneous entry) are associated with the work order, a green check mark displays for those categories. If not, a red x displays.
  8. Select the chevron button for a scope to view scope details, mark scope tasks as complete, and add or remove work completed. See Update Field Service Scopes for details.
  9. To add a scope to the work order, select Add Scope:
    1. To confirm that you want to create the new scope, select Yes.
    2. On the Scope Details page, enter scope information, including the work scope, phase, service item, scope details, and notes. You can also add attachments and work completed. See Update Field Service Scopes for details.
  10. Select Complete Trip to Close a Trip, obtain a customer signature, and select whether return service is required.