Issues Fixed in Vista Field Service 2021 R10

The following issues were fixed in the Vista Field Service R10 release.

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Issues Fixed Issue #
Technicians could not access inventory locations outside of their PR company even if the portal setting Restrict INCo and EMCo to the Technician PRCo was not enabled. Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Field Service > Work Complete. 105948
The Amount field was not required when creating purchase orders through Field Service, resulting in an error in processing the PO.
Total Billable was not updating for Misc items that were created with a zero (0) quantity in Vista.

Service Manager Dashboard

Issues Fixed Issue #
Unassigned trips were showing after filtering the dashboard by technician.

Work Order Dashboard / Work Orders

Issues Fixed Issue #
Work orders were not loading consistently for users accessing Field Service in offline mode.
Note: Resolved in an update after release 21.9+.